Binding Backlash: How and Why

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It is very apparent that one of the biggest mistakes intercessors have made is to not bind backlash with every prayer or intercession. This means that the intercessor does not realize how vengeful, vindictive, and hateful the devil and his cohorts really are and how much damage they can do if they are not bound properly. Demons do not operate like human beings, do not have any redemptive qualities nor compassion, and do not play fair at all. Think of the worst dictator, terrorist, or criminal – demons are much worse than that! That is why every intercessor needs to know the enemy. We do not give them power, but we must be wise and know how they operate. Satan hates it whenever you pray the slightest prayer, never wanting you to communicate with God since he wants to be god himself. Satan is extremely jealous and will kill if he can because of that.

It is imperative that after every prayer or intercession session, whether alone or corporately, that you MUST bind backlash for your protection and the protection of others. To think that it is not necessary, for any reason, is just ignorance. Even if the leader or speaker does not bind backlash (although it is a good idea to teach them or remind them), you can always do it yourself for everyone present. Realize that any session of talking to God will cause the enemy to try to retaliate.

I have had so many saints tell me how they have been attacked, how their church is attacked, and the many adverse things they are going through with health, family, finances, etc., and I always ask if they bound backlash with every intercession session -the answer is always “no.” Do not discount that your intercession is important and damaging to the enemy’s camp, no matter how brief. It will always make the devil and his minions furious. I have seen churches destroyed, families torn apart, intercessors and their family members extremely ill, finances and properties stolen, and even death occur when this is not done. To not bind backlash is to leave doors wide open for Satan to attack. In natural warfare after a fight, the soldiers must assure that the enemy will not be able to attack again – the area must be cleared and made safe.

Spiritual warfare is a serious business and we always need to take strategic precautions. The “backlash script” included below is what has been developed through trial and error; and it works for all intercession. The most dangerous type of warfare is binding and loosing but this script is imperative for all sessions. Take my word for it, in 30+ years of teaching and doing strategic intercession I have learned the hard way and have seen others learn the hard way as well. So take our advice and be safe, keeping your family and church safe. Don’t be a needless casualty of war and do not get others hurt.

I must disagree, respectfully, with those who say that backlash is unnecessary as I have had increasing trouble myself when I did not bind backlash. I have lost count of the times that intercessors have come to me and have told me that they have been in intense warfare from the enemy, asking for help. Prophetically, the Lord often has then told me to ask them if they bind backlash each time they war and they have not. A few intercessors have told me “I don’t need to do that – I have been an intercessor for many years” but when they finally start doing as the Lord has told them in binding backlash, the problems stop. Those who say that there is not a need for this sometimes add that if there is no sin in the person’s life, then the devil will not attack. This cannot be further from the truth as there is no one on earth without sin. Jesus is the only sinless one. And the enemy never plays fair anyway. You can go to the link below to my other blog which explains why binding backlash is scriptural.

Copy this backlash prayer and put on your mirror, in your car, in your Bible, in your prayer journal, and share it with others. Please do not change it, as this is what works well, tried and true.

War on, mighty warriors!

End of Intercession Declaration (Binding Backlash)

(If interceding by yourself, use the first person; if interceding in a group, use the words in parentheses)

I (we) bind all backlash, retaliation, and revenge, and stop all assignments of the enemy against what I (we) prayed, and for any reason against me (us), all my (our) family and friends and the land and its people and our destinies in Jesus’ mighty name. And I (we) stop all communication of the enemy about my (our) intercession, in Jesus’ mighty name. I (we) plead the Blood of Jesus and place the hedge of protection around me (us) and all that pertains to me (us), all my (our) family and friends and all that pertains to them, in Jesus’ mighty name.

For The Scriptural Basis for Binding Backlash go to:

(copyright 2019 SPCM Melissa Nordell)

9 thoughts on “Binding Backlash: How and Why

  1. Thanks pastor. I am a leader of a prayer group for few months now. I am having a lot of problems where my kids are concerned. Seems like the devil has tried everything to keep my kids from doing their best in studies, behaviour, habits. While reading your message on backlash, I had woken frustrated because the night before was terrible where my kids were behaving like monsters. I just couldn’t take it anymore. But there’s a kind of peace now after reading your message, I wasn’t binding and loosing. I’m grateful I know now what needs to be done. I request you to keep me in your prayers.


  2. I am so happy for you. Please spread this news. I wish every prayer room had this posted so that it would be a reminder for everyone at the door before they leave. It makes a huge difference. I have had so many intercessors tell me “I don’t need to do this” but then tell me how many attacks they are under. Later they always come back and tell me how the attacks stopped when they bound backlash. People think the devil plays by rules and he doesn’t – he is very vindictive and this helps so much. When I have forgotten, I learned the hard way! You can check out my Facebook page http://www.Facebook/strategicprayercommand


    1. Thank you for this information. Having completed a 21 day fast, everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong.
      My business starts struggling, workers acting up, two vehicles stop functioning, clients don’t pay.
      I now understand how to fix my troubles


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