Melissa Nordell

Strategic Prayer Command Ministry has been a 501c3 organization since 2003, founded by Melissa Nordell who is an ordained minister and teacher of intercession. She attended Wagner Institute in Pasadena, founded by Dr. C. Peter Wagner. She was formerly the Lead Intercessor of The Dwelling Place Church in Hemet, which was featured in the first “Transformations” video, produced by George Otis, Jr., which shows how transformational intercession can change a region for God. Melissa writes and teaches classes on intercession,  how intercession can change not only a city or country, but a church, a family, a business or a person. Demonstrating the difference between intercession and prayer, she teaches how to intercede correctly, more effectively and safely. She also ministers and teaches on the prophetic and the glory realm, having been certified by Christian International to teach Dr. Bill Hamon’s prophetic modules. Melissa has written articles and prophetic words for godreports.com, Breaking Christian News, ASSIST News and Elijah List. Come along and learn from this website from Strategic Prayer Command Ministry.

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