The Spirit of Anaconda

Recently I was under a tremendous time of attack that seemed to last forever. I cried out to God for an answer over and over, and the answer finally came. I guess I needed to be ready to deal with it. Recently, I went to sleep worshipping the Lord as usual and He woke me … Continue reading The Spirit of Anaconda

The Demonic Spirit of Miriam – the Usurper

Aaron, Miriam and Moses We know that it is certainly not only Jezebel and Leviathan that infect churches. There are innumerable evil spirits that can infect not only churches but businesses, people, families, cities and regions. We must always keep our spiritual ears open to hear what Holy Spirit says about the name and characteristics … Continue reading The Demonic Spirit of Miriam – the Usurper

I Saw Pharaoh’s Chains Broken Off the United States

Prophetic Word October 2020 that the spirit of Pharaoh has broken off of the United States